mine minimises randomly during the game - we all have geofarce issues i guess!
@Rabbi - does it give any error messages when crashing? I'm running a GTX 670 with the latest drivers and it's working ok for me. Getting frame drops though.
The game is crashing on me constantly. 780Ti is my GPU. I will try to figure it out and be back when I do.
FF News via Twitter: [link] still waiting on the next blog post to be posted
LOL its the Fandango himself. Epic win.
I bought FF early access. See you in there!
I put the FF link on nc forum to see if anyone might be up for it
stream video from last night's Firefall beta closing event: [link]
[link] Luke i posted this and thought of you :)
[link] Hardline beta link for anyone whos interested.
scratch last message. just seen the email. Im in the beta. HUR HUR. i will tell you guys if its worth it.
origin has allowed me to download the hardline beta client. No idea if this means i can access it. i signed up. no email to say go tho.
who ever made that gif has a very valid point. And payday can be fun at times. Just gets boring fast. I hope to god there is more involvment in the missions than just 16v16 head to head on some shitty objectives. Its what i love about apb. the random
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Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread Basic PVP mechanics in FF in the Firefall forum
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"Hackers" in APB
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Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread Firefall - my take in the Firefall forum
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Doc Holliday Reg[link] for the eso fans also.
[News] As requested - Transcript/notes of Paul Sage Q&A with...
u/b92303008 requested a transcript of the Q&A with Paul Sage on the dye thread so here it is. The [video](
Liked this
Wyatt Earp Reg  chubby alert. gone for a lie down.
Doc Holliday Reg  created a new thread Firefall Launch. Official. in the Firefall forum
Doc Holliday Reg[link]

There we go fellas. Im curious now.
Firefall finally leaving beta this month, adding open world ...
Firefall was first shown to the public way back in 2010, but nearly four years later, it still hasn't officially released. The free-to-play MMO shooter has been in open beta for th...
Netphreak Reg  Does anyone know if they've changed much of the game/mechanics etc. since we were all playing?
Doc Holliday Reg  im gonna write it all up now from what i have found
Unknown User  added 90 Advanced days to Regulators
Netphreak Reg  Lol, unknown user... It was me. Think I got logged out or something.
Doc Holliday Reg  cheers for doing it anyway. i will hopefully have money to get the next one.
Doc Holliday Reg[link] So lookin forward to this :)
Media Center - Warhammer 40,000 - Eternal Crusade
You lost your password? Enter your email in the field below and we will send you a link to reset your password. Confirmation A link to reset your password has been sent to your ema...
Doc Holliday Reg  [link] straight pimping. I watched this video four times. Its awesome. Im starting to become a games workshop nerd again :(
Netphreak Reg  I'm still on the fence about this one. Hope they pull it off.
Corrupt Midget RegSorry I haven't been hanging out with y'all much, been lost In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn --- Needless to say, it's a lot of fun! I need to log onto Vent more.. or is it TS? i forgot. either way miss you folks!
Doc Holliday Reg  who are you again? :) some of us are playin eso bro. others are scattered to the ether. not sure anyone is playing nc at all. great avatar pic btw. :)
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