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Zero Punctuation Review of Firefall: [link]
Zeropunctionation review of Firefall.
mine minimises randomly during the game - we all have geofarce issues i guess!
@Rabbi - does it give any error messages when crashing? I'm running a GTX 670 with the latest drivers and it's working ok for me. Getting frame drops though.
The game is crashing on me constantly. 780Ti is my GPU. I will try to figure it out and be back when I do.
FF News via Twitter: [link] still waiting on the next blog post to be posted
LOL its the Fandango himself. Epic win.
I bought FF early access. See you in there!
I put the FF link on nc forum to see if anyone might be up for it
stream video from last night's Firefall beta closing event: [link]
[link] Luke i posted this and thought of you :sick:
[link] Hardline beta link for anyone whos interested.
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Doc Holliday Reg  added 90 Advanced days to Regulators
Liked this
Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread needed to host this somewhere in the General Discussion forum
Doc Holliday Regit just looks hectic.
Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode is like Need for Speed w...
A new Battlefield Hardline trailer is out. At first, it looks a bit like Need for Speed-what with police cars in pursuit of some high-speed vehicle. Soon after, it looks less like ...
Doc Holliday Reg[link] for u bro as i know your a fan but for anyone else who might want to take a look too. sounds interesting. i liked the game personally.
Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars is a PC only online game
If you were a fan of 2012 sleeper hit Sleeping Dogs and are averse to change, then the following news may worry you. According to an announcement by Sleeping Dogs studio United Fro...
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BWA Rare box guide - kind of.
1 Firefall
FIREFALL LIVE - the interview
4 Firefall
Doc Holliday Reg  created a new thread Semiconductors. in the Firefall forum
Doc Holliday Reg[link] Getting more excited now.
Unreal Tournament pre-alpha build appears online, can be pla...
Thanks to the way the upcoming Unreal Tournament is being developed, anyone with an Unreal subscription can access the latest build of the game. That means anyone with an Unreal su...
Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread ESO 1.3.3 in the General Discussion forum
Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread Provisioning revamp - ESO in the General Discussion forum
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