eternal crusade > overwatch bro ;)
anyone checked out overwatch? looks like a mox of TF2 and UT
I linked it a while ago to mixed reviews. I think personally it looks ace.
[link] check this link out tbh
How cool would rust be with vehicles.....
i have proper got a craving for some rust action today.
[link] ade look into this please
lend me a tenner. :)
So i just found out im getting a £2100 refund from the student fucking loans people.
apb new engine vid al.
link blocked at work, what is it?
[link] Fucking boner alert.
[link] Eso year ahead. Thieves guild and then Dark Brotherhood (murderers guild) coming this quarter and next.
June dates please for this trip to SUOMI!!
Good read doesn't it. Gives good back ground for what I was saying the other day about how they were forcing Red5 to do stuff.
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Doc Holliday Reg  This was me. Reupped for 90 days so we have a place to use for games etc as it seems everyones talking about a million different ones again.
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Wyatt Earp Reg  Glad you could make it. I will give you private forum access now. :)
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Doc Holliday Reg[link] battlefront review. yes. its wank.
Star Wars Battlefront review
PERFORMANCE Reviewed on GeForce GTX 970, Intel i7-950, 16GB RAM Graphics options Resolution scale, graphics quality, texture quality, texture filtering, lighting quality, shadow qu...
Netphreak Reg  So, nothing surprising there then.
I'll probably pick it up when ever it ends up on sale, as it's starwars.
Toxikk is probably a much more skillful shooter than this.
Rabbi Reg  I actually bought it. Like a t wat. It's entertaining while playing it, but honestly, I don't see it lasting very long at all. No longevity at all.
Doc Holliday Reg[link] Looks interesting.
Hard West video showcases murder, loss, and a man at a Cross...
For lots of gamers, "XCOM-style gameplay in a supernatural-infused Wild West" is the sort of thing you either desperately want to play, or most definitely don't. But if you need sw...
Wyatt Earp Reg  ill give it a go. loving the turn based at the moment.
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