ok 3 months ago called and said thanks for the news al. :( i did my best.
thats from three months ago :( i got excited. i been checkin every day for more infos
[link] apb got the love.
[link] the surge - looks like it could be one to keep an eye on too.
its a list of cyberpunk games btw.
[link] I cant view the link properly through my work pc but im gonna look at it when i get home.
I called hm in, one of the new guys.... you gotta tell em to put their dog tags on their boots man, im sick of this shit! - hamburger hill - what a film though.
access should now all be updated,.
Doc! You don't have to. Didn't meant it that way... I meant it more like I was called in :sick:
I moved that stuff to the table. I thought the place might be better cos its now the new thing but he needs access there i think.
i didnt realise i had deactivated you bro. sorry :0
I got reactivated. Sup? :sick:
haha yeah.. the finnish sentences are a fuckin joke.
another naughty finnish boy..... [link] cool story tho.
They are going for SWG and UO feel.. I have a good vibe about the game. It is something i have wished someone would make.. only if combat would be FPS it would be perfect game
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Doc Holliday Reg[link] Holy fuck. noice.
3D Xpoint memory: Faster-than-flash storage unveiled - BBC N...
A new kind of memory technology is going into production, which is up to 1,000 times faster than the Nand flash storage used in memory cards and computers' solid state drives (SSDs...
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Doc Holliday Reg[link] sattelite reign video. .8 is the most up to date build. By the time you guys see this i will most likely have purchased it.
Satellite Reign Gameplay Ep. 1 - Introduction / Heading Down...
Ekybob plays Satellite Reign Beta 0.8. Here we see gameplay ...
Doc Holliday RegGoosebumps
Transformers: Devastation Gameplay Trailer
The TRANSFORMERS are back, and this time they're in the hand...
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Doc Holliday Reg[link]

CO-OP Turn based stuff. Looks nice. could be fun for a bit of a change. Not sure what its lifespan will be tho or replay factor.
Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is out now on Steam
Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, i.e. the game formerly known as Shadowrun Online, is out now on Steam. Its prequel was released on Early Access over a year ago, but now the ...
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Wyatt Earp Reg  do you want to give it a go?
Doc Holliday Reg  bought it yesterday. will play some and let you all know how it is.
Doc Holliday Reg  [link] the company that developed it just filed for bankruptcy....... What is it with cyberpunk and fuckin germans (or austrians as these guys are) and bankruptcy :(
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Wyatt Earp Reg  stops me spending it on APB
Doc Holliday Regforum paid for 30 days. I will do more when pay day comes around.
Wyatt Earp Reg  How do I add days when its already paid?
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