ive ordered the first one.
i want all the books
you will need to scroll down a bit to see it tho i think.
ade this one is for you. [link]
[link] - navy of the future, interesting article if you like geek stuff.
ESO PATCH NOTES from ages ago about the pvp zone (cyrodil) [link]
[link] gw2 pvp
had an email from the guys doing the 40k shooter game thing. founder access for closed alpha is 14/9. so its finally happening. will keep an eye on the game as lots has changed.
that is excellent. its like shower beers but with tea
im spammin this shoutbox :sick: haha [link]
im not a fan of skrillex.. but this is something he done right [link]
interesting stuff about win10 [link]
ok 3 months ago called and said thanks for the news al. :( i did my best.
thats from three months ago :( i got excited. i been checkin every day for more infos
[link] apb got the love.
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Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread 40k books - chronology. in the General Discussion forum
Wyatt Earp Reg  created a new thread Nickname thing in EC in the General Discussion forum
Doc Holliday Reg  created a new thread General Gaming Discussion Thread in the General Discussion forum
Doc Holliday Reg[link]
Doc Holliday Reg[link] Watched this with a tear of nostalgia running down my face. superb video.
Unreal Tournament 4 / 2015 Gaming ( 60 fps Gameplay #9 ) DM-...
Gameplay from Unreal Tournament 4 / 2015 Thanks for watching...
Wyatt Earp Reg  the player isnt that good but the game looks sick. He is clearly farming noobs on this one for the first 5 mins at least. Didnt see any good shock rifle till later on but i had got bored of the rocket launcher spam by then.

The game looks sick however. Even in that state I think im going to download it just because I am going to need to shake off the rust before I pwn you in January. :sick:
Doc Holliday Reg[link]
Doc Holliday Reg  rainbow six beta key thing for the new siege game,
Wyatt Earp Reg  added 90 Advanced days to Regulators
Doc Holliday Reg[link]
Transformers: Devastation trailer delivers on gameplay foota...
I never watched Transformers and don't really play fighting games, but I really wanna play Transformers: Devastation. Especially after watching the above trailer, which doesn't ski...
Wyatt Earp Reg  I just watched that entire thing twice. I now need to lie down. this is almost as cool as a remake of streets of rage.
Doc Holliday Reg
Trion announces Atlas Reactor, an online tactical combat gam...
Trion has announced a new project called Atlas Reactor, a team-based, turn-based tactical combat game with echoes of XCOM and a cel-shaded visual style that's a bit reminiscent of ...
Wyatt Earp Reg  fuck trino. tbh.
Doc Holliday Reg  that one i had to share. looks like i deleted the comment but it looks utter shit. Where is scapes? :sick:
Doc Holliday Reg[link]
Mutant Football League PAX Prime trailer touches down
This year's PAX Prime doesn't kick off until Friday, when we will of course be there in something close to full effect, but the Mutant Football League PAX Prime trailer is here rig...
Wyatt Earp Reg  Fuck. Yes.

"These guys are about as dangerous as dead Sixty Whiners, which is no more dangerous than live ones.

It's time for some D."

Coach Bricka,

My hero.
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