loot table for the dungeons [link]
[link] wiki for the dungeons
Massively on topic :sick: i want that shirt
[link] a bit of topic, nice shirt
[link] Balancing thread. LOLZ. fuckin cmaster pushing shitty ideas again.
the questing solo is shit. no doubt. need more gankin action and pirating yarr
hahaha. bro its just the early part of the game. Grillo said the same. First ten levels fly by. then you get your horse. then you do all the quests as u progress and get to 30 for pvp ganking action. we will help you. just need to know when your on.
Oh, i rerolled anyway. cant see me sticking with it tho... so far its dull
you roled your char on the wrong side. we are western faction (nuian or elf) not the one you are. i added you as a friend and saw it.
welcome back dickhead. :sick:
answered my own question
no such server on my list is thos eu?
cheers dude, does look good
server: naima, name of your character: citizenone
im downloading archeage, what do i need to know to find you? server/faction bla bla all that shit?
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Doc Holliday Regit just looks hectic.
Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode is like Need for Speed w...
A new Battlefield Hardline trailer is out. At first, it looks a bit like Need for Speed-what with police cars in pursuit of some high-speed vehicle. Soon after, it looks less like ...
Doc Holliday Reg[link] for u bro as i know your a fan but for anyone else who might want to take a look too. sounds interesting. i liked the game personally.
Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars is a PC only online game
If you were a fan of 2012 sleeper hit Sleeping Dogs and are averse to change, then the following news may worry you. According to an announcement by Sleeping Dogs studio United Fro...
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BWA Rare box guide - kind of.
1 Firefall
FIREFALL LIVE - the interview
4 Firefall
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Doc Holliday Reg[link] Getting more excited now.
Unreal Tournament pre-alpha build appears online, can be pla...
Thanks to the way the upcoming Unreal Tournament is being developed, anyone with an Unreal subscription can access the latest build of the game. That means anyone with an Unreal su...
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